Building an F5 Mandolin – Part 4 Binding

Alright, so the next step for this project was to install the binding, the bit of plastic that goes around the top soundboard. I left off last time at a cliffhanger, waiting for the binding to glue into place - here are the results:

Not great, not terrible. The area around the scroll I'll fill in with wood fill or something and stain black. None of this will affect the sound anyway.

The next piece of binding has to go over what are called point protectors, small pieces that cover the discontinuity in the maple side pieces at the points. I decided to make mine out of cherry as I didn't want a white piece that visually attached the top to what would be bottom binding.

I marked out the area to remove with pencil and sawed it off

I filled it down to keep it flat, then cut a square piece of cherry to glue on.

I did the same thing to the top point and then used a rotary sanding attachment on the drill press to flush them out to the body.

I kept going, putting binding in all the slots, trying my best to match up the edges (poorly I might add) and have gotten this far:

So next steps are to finish sanding the scroll on the top and back, truing up the edges, then I get to move on to finishing!